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Evateak is a synthetic teak marine surface 1/4" thick that provides high traction wet or dry. It is a two colour laminate that is precision cut with a computer controlled cutting system (CNC). Typically the top colour is cut through to expose the bottom colour and simulate a teak deck with the caulking lines. The bottom side of Evateak comes with a pressure sensitive adhesive (peel and stick) backing for clean and easy installation. This closed cell UV safe EVA foam product adds comfort, traction, safety and beauty to your vessel.  Evateak is ideal for swim platforms, decks, gunnels or any surface above the water line.

Boaters can benefit from Evateak's pre-made pads for their boats or Evateak can be customized for the surface of your liking. Evateak has excellent acoustic and thermal insulating properties and can help eliminate that annoying buzzing and rattling of aluminum boats. There will be no more hot decks or benches with an application of Evateak.



  • High density Closed Cell Ethylene-Vinyl-Acetate foam
  • Long lasting
  • Non skid surface
  • High energy absorption
  • Excellent Thermal Insulation
  • Excellent Sound Insulation
  • Non-absorbent
  • Highly UV resistant
  • Odorless
  • Comfortable to walk on
  • Customizable

Custom projects give your boat that personal touch that all your friends will envy.  We know your boat is your pride and joy Evateak will enhance it's beauty and set your boat above the rest.

To install Evateak.

Custom installations The easiest way to get Evateak on your boat is to have it professionally install by one of our dealers. They are experienced with many types of deck materials and finishes and have an in depth knowledge of surface preparation. Please contact a dealer in your area for more information.


For DIY installations obtain a Grid Paper Kit to trace out the profile of the pads you need from your hull.

Evateak comes complete with a peel and stick pressure sensitive adhesive. Peel back the paper backing, position and press to stick to your surface.

Surface Preparation:

The Surface must be clean, free from dust, grease or oils. Remove any loose material that may flack off. The surface however does not need to be mirror smooth, Evateak has an excellent ability to hide imperfections in the surface. Minor imperfections will not be visible on the surface.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Evateak made of?

Evateak is made from a high density closed cell Ethylene Vinyl Acetate foam. The same material used in running shoes for over 25 years. You might say it has an excellent track record.

How do I apply Evateak?

Evateak comes with a pressure sensitive adhesive peel and stick backing for clean and easy installation. Please see our video (coming soon) for easy to follow instructions.

What can I use Evateak for?

Its main application is for marine use above the waterline. Swim platforms, decks and gunnels or anything you want to walk barefoot on with safety and comfort.

How durable is Evateak?

Unlike real Teak which must be resurface annually to maintain its fresh look. Evateak will maintain its beauty without maintenance for 5-7 years on boats properly stored.

How do I get my logo on Evateak?

Supply us with a vector graphic of your logo, the boat name or anything you wish to engrave on Evateak and will be glad to accommodate.


How do I remove Evateak?

Well, nobody would ever want to remove Evateak, however a mild solvent like paint thinner will completely remove the adhesive used to apply Evateak without harming fiberglass surfaces.

How do I clean Evateak?

Unlike carpet Evateak may be easily swept in the direction of the grain to remove any debris that my collect. It may also be flushed with water from a hose or lightly pressure washed with no ill effects. A mild soap may also be used however it is generally not necessary and remember anything used to clean your vessel will go directly into the environment.

Does Evateak have a warranty?

Every installation of Evateak has a one year warranty for materials and workmanship limited to the replacement of the product.


How can I get Evateak?

For DIY projects you can measure you vessel and order custom cut products from our website for your boat.

You may choose to have Evateak measured installed by one of our Dealers in Canada, please consult our Website for an Evateak Dealer near you.

When you purchase a new boat ask your dealer if you can have Evateak installed on the vessel, we work with many Dealers to customize there products with Evateak.

Can I get a different profile on the edge of Evateak?

After months of research and testing we think we have found the perfect profile for the caulking lines in Evateak. It provides a smooth clean modern look and is does not promote the collection of debris. The gently rounded contour adds to the comfort of our product with minimal edges Evateak is easily cleaned. It is our signature look and sets us apart from the competition.


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