Custom Engraved Corian House Number Sign
3 Sizes to choose from 7,11 and 14 inches wide.

Note: These Plaques are Deeply Engraved with a V-Carve bit and will last a lifetime.
(NOT just etched with a laser or silk screened)

Simple and elegant with high contrast  black letters on Glacier White Corian this beautiful sign is easily seen from the road.

Corian makes an excellent material for outdoors signs, it will last generations with no maintenance.

Let us know what you would like engraved and we will size up the number or text for you and send you a Sample Layout for your approval.

Normally an 7x5" Sign can hold 4 - 2", 3 - 3", or 1 - 4" Numbers.
A 11x7.5" Sign can hold 6 - 2", 4 - 3", 4 - 4", 2 - 5" or 1 - 6" Numbers.
A 14x9" Sign can hold 9 - 2", 6 - 3", 4 - 4", 3 - 5" or 2 - 6" Numbers.

The following general rules should help determine your letter sizes.
3 inch letters are readable at about 100' with maximum impact at less than 30'.
4 inch letters are readable at about 150' with maximum impact at less than 40'.
6 inch letters are readable at about 200' with maximum impact at less than 60'.

You may wish to add graphics to the sign, however they should be kept to a minimum to avoid clutter.
We will work with you through the process of designing your own sign for optimum effect as if you were right here in our store.

The Default font or letter style is Time New Roman like the font on our House Number Sign Sample Layout.
TIMES NEW ROMAN looks fantastic when engraved, it was made for it. Please specify if you would like another font.

We will professionally draw up the design and email you a
Sample Layout for you to approve before cutting the plaque.
Your plaque is then hand sanded and painted.
If you request we can send you a photo of your plaque before shipping.
The whole process can usually be done buy the next business day and shipped the day after that.

This plaque has two 1/4" mounting holes for easy mounting.

Corian by Dupont has a life expectancy of over 30 years outdoors and seems to get better with age.
 It is  a non porous solid surface material often used in kitchen counter tops.
It can be cut and engraved with a very fine edge yielding clean crisp letters when CNC Engraved.








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